Covid Stimulus Watch Doubles in Size with More Hospital Recipient Data

By Phil Mattera
June 9, 2020

by Phil Mattera

Covid Stimulus Watch has doubled in size to more than 23,000 entries with the addition of extensive data from the Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment Program. The MAAPP is a covid-related program that boosts the cash flow position of hospitals and other healthcare providers by greatly accelerating Medicare payments from the federal government. The total value of these loans disclosed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is about $100 billion

As we did with the Provider Relief Fund grants, we extracted those awards worth $500,000 or more. This gave us a list of about 12,000 entries with total payments of more than $95 billion. We then matched the individual facilities to their parent health systems. The summary page for our MAAPP data can be found at

Another new feature in Covid Stimulus Watch is the addition of filters to the page listing all the loans and grants collected on the website. You can now filter the list by company or parent name, by parent industry or by federal program. Along with information on CARES Act awards, these lists indicate which parents have accountability issues relating to employment, government contracting and other matters. The filters supplement the various options available on our Advanced Search page.

Covid Stimulus Watch will continue to grow in size as more CARES Act recipient data becomes available.