Blog, June 2020

New Federal Reserve Data Is Up on Covid Stimulus Watch

By Phil Mattera
June 29, 2020
The Fortune 500 is now well represented on the list of CARES Act recipients. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve posted its first batch of information on corporate bond purchases under the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility. We have added the information to Covid Stimulus Watch.

Covid Stimulus Watch Posts Updated HHS Data on Aid to Hospitals

By Phil Mattera
June 12, 2020

by Phil Mattera

The Department of Health and Human Services keeps updating the list of hospitals and other medical facilities receiving aid through the Provider Relief Fund. At Covid Stimulus Watch we scramble to capture the latest data and link the facilities listed by HHS to their health system parent entities.

HHS posted two updates to the list this week, and we have just finished adding our parent links to the data, which is now live on our site. We now include more than 11,000 grants of $500,000 or more from the program. These have a total value of $45 billion. For more info, see