New Federal Reserve Data Is Up on Covid Stimulus Watch

By Phil Mattera
June 29, 2020

The Fortune 500 is now well represented on the list of CARES Act recipients. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve posted its first batch of information on corporate bond purchases under the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility. We have added the information to Covid Stimulus Watch, treating the purchases as the equivalent of loans to the companies. See a summary of the data and links to all the individual transactions here.

The Fed’s data covers 118 purchases with a total value of $428 million. Among the companies whose bonds were purchased are: AT&T, Boeing, Chevron, CVS, Fox, Nike, Pfizer and UnitedHealth Group.

Along with the bond purchase information, the Covid Stimulus Watch pages for these companies include links to their penalty information in Violation Tracker, which we just updated today with 15,000 new entries from state financial regulatory agencies.

Covid Stimulus Watch now has data from 13 CARES Act programs.