Covid Stimulus Watch Adds New PPP Data

By Phil Mattera
July 6, 2020

Covid Stimulus Watch has added the data released today by the Treasury Department on all Paycheck Protection Program loans of $150,000 or more. That brings the total number of awards listed on the site to more than 600,000—a twenty-fold increase.

In addition to excluding loans below the $150,000 level, Treasury reported the loan amounts in five ranges rather than providing precise amounts. We are using the midpoints of those ranges as proxies for the actual loan amounts.

The initial version of the data we posted allows for searches by company name, state and/or city. Soon we will add other search options such as NAICS industry codes, Congressional Districts and ownership type.

Along with the massive PPP dataset, we have added recipient information on several new health-related initiatives stemming from the CARES Act. Covid Stimulus Watch now has varying amounts of recipient data for 19 programs.

UPDATE: We have now added search options for NAICS industry codes and Congressional Districts for the PPP awards: